FSUE "National Corporation for Tourism Development" migrated to cloud

FSUE rented a cloud serverы in Moscow data center of VPSville hosting company. One of them is used to host site, others - to solve other business problems that require a stable and productive infrastructure. When choosing a hosting customer's main priorities were a guarantee of reliability and reputation of the provider, as well as the physical location of leased equipment in the center of Moscow, near the main office of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "National Corporation for Tourism Development."

20 may 2016

MGcom becomes VPSville client

RA MGcom agency, specializing in the field of Internet advertising, has entered into agreement with VPSville to rent server equipment in the Moscow data center of the hosting company. These servers will be the technological basis for deployment of mission-critical applications and services of the agency. Control and monitoring of equipment operation stability will be carried by VPSville experts.

23 march 2016

News site "Ridus" migrated in "cloud".

The well-known to Russian internet user site "Ridus', winner of the prestigious awards "ROTOR" and "Runet Award", has changed hosting provider and become a customer of One of the reasons for this choice has been demonstrated already in the process of migration: the site was subjected to DDoS-attack, from which he quickly and professionally defended by experts.

18 february 2016

Web-service "Onlinetcket.RF" migraged in VPSville "cloud"

Web-service for search and order cheap airline tickets and hotels "Onlaynbilet.rf" successfully migrated to the cloud hosting from The criteria for the selection of the provider was the excellent results of stress testing and compliance with other relevant parameters for the customer, such as cost, quality, technical support, and performance of the storage system level fault tolerance.

05 february 2016

New hosting encyclopedia for travellers "Subtleties of tourism"

For six months the tourist portal "Subtleties of Tourism" uses hosting by VPSville. Critically important project resources, including distributed database servers and back-end servers that have been placed in a Moscow data center. Prior to that, the company used the Amazon hosting, and later - the services of Russian hosts. For the "Subtleties of tourism" migration to data VPSville datacenter was the result of the search suggestions, which would combine a reasonable cost, high data availability guarantee and professional service staff.

16 june 2016