Partners program

We suggest you to use our Vpsville partner program. It can be a source for stable income. Earned money you can spend to rent virtual infrastructure or withdraw to your bank account.
Using advantages of the program is simple: place a referral link to the Vpsville service and get your profit every time a referral pays for our services.

How partner program works?

You invite user

It can be done by refferal link which you may get in personal account details.

New customer pays services

Every time refferal pays we will transfer to your account 10% of the payment.

Your income grows

All the money you earn on the partner program, will accumulate on your referral account.

You dispose the profit

You decide what to do with money - to spend on Vpsville services or withdraw to your bank account (minimum amount - 1000 rubles)

Your referral link is located in the control panel, section "For partners". If the user clicks on it and sign up, it will become your referral. We track visitors by cookie: even if the user has registered a few days after clicking on the link, we will include him in a list of referrals. The lifetime of the cookie - 7 days.
Partner bonus is 10% of all customer payments in the first year and 5% - in all subsequent.

Why our partner program is better than others?

You decide how to spend earned money

You may pay Vpsville services or transfer money on you bank account.

Transparent statistics

In Account details you will find detailed information on the number of referrals and revenue of the partners programs.

Easy to attract users

Vpsville - convenient and reliable service with a good reputation. You will be able to attract referrals quickly and without risk.