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Server creation

Frequently asked questions
Can i reduce disk space?

Reducing the disk's size is not possible, as this operation is not supported on the level of virtualization system. You may add a storage space in the form of individual disks, then they can be subsequently removed.

What is the guaranteed channel bandwidth?

Guaranteed bandwidth provided by one virtual server is 10 Mbit/s. If necessary, the guaranteed bandwidth can be expanded on demand to customer support on a commercial basis.

How can I recover the administrator's password on the server?

Resetting the server administrator password can be done in the administration panel under "Manage Servers" by selecting the server and clicking on the "Reset Password". For Linux servers, the administrator login - root, servers for Windows login - administrator. The new administrator password will be sent to your mailbox.

Where are the physical servers located?

Equipment located in TIER-3 datacenter in Moscow.

What to do if i'll get any problems with my server?

If you have any questions or something does not work, contact our technical support. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I need access to server console

Access server console can be obtained from the administration panel. To do this, select the server in the section "Manage Servers" and click the "Console" button.

How to create new server?

To create a new server, select the "Order server" section at the bottom left of the admin panel.

I need to restart/delete server.

Кнопки управления сервером находятся в правой части окна управления сервером и имеют вид