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Frequently asked questions
How to create server backup?

Server backup can be created in the section "Management server - Backup". In this section you can create a single backup, configure the scheduler to create backups, restore the server from backup and delete unnecessary backups.

How server backups charged?

Unit pricing is 1GB of server disk space, regardless of the total size of the files on your server. For example, if the server's disk size is 50GB according to the tariff charged will be exactly the size of 50GB disk.

Time to create and restore server backup.

Creating a server backup performed by the system after startup in the background (you do not need to follow the process of creating a backup in admin panel) while the server is not stopped and will not be reloaded. System Restore from the backup server is accompanied by a stop for about 30 minutes to 3 hours (depending on the size of the backup and storage load). After the recovery server will be automatically started.

Do i need server's backup?

This service is available as an option. You as a server administrator has the right to decide whether or not it is needed. However, we strongly recommend that you make a backup (at least one), if you havei mportant information on the server or server complex configuration performed by external specialists. More in detail how backups work and what they do can be found in our blog