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Frequently asked questions
How quickly my server start working after filling out an order form?

It takes 5 to 20 minutes to create new server.

How is it possible to carry out bank wire payments under the contract?

It is possible to work under the offer, as well as under a bilateral agreement signed in paper form. To do this, see "Balance - Bank transfer" to specify the details of your organization and the amount of the bill. You will be given a contract and an invoice for payment.

Bill is paid, but the payment has not yet enrolled, can I enroll some money to the account in the form of an advance?

By request in technical support to credit the payment amount and the provision of a copy of the payment order, we will credit the full amount of the payment. Payment by wire transfer to a bank account is credited to the balance within 1-2 business days.

How fast will my payment be credited with recharge?

After recharging your balance by any of payment methods (excluding bank wire transfer) payment will be credited instantly. An exception is the option recharge via Qiwi, shall be paid within 5 minutes.

Do you accept credit cards, payment by SMS, cash in Evroset/Svyaznoy?

These methods of recharge the balance available in the "Balance-Unitpay". UnitPay payment gateway does not hold a commission from the payers. You will be credited with the amount that you specified during the payment in our admin panel.

How services billed?

Billing of all ordered servers (including additional software licenses) - daily basis. Additional services ordered, such as ipv4 and ipv6 networks, communication channel expansion - monthly basis.

Do you have testing period or moneyback warranty?

To create a new server, you must deposit 250 rubles to your account. We are so confident in the quality of their services so we will return 200 rubles during the first week of use at your first request. 50 remain as the Commission to prevent abuse.