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Frequently asked questions
Is it possible to configure reverse DNS records (PTR)?

Yes, the ability to set PTR records by request to technical support after provement of rights to manage the domain name for which you want to create an entry.

How can i bind domain to server?

To do this on tab "DNS Management" you need to create a domain and select one of the created servers by clicking button "Bind to Server", it will automatically set up the A and MX records, and NS-records. You may edit records for the domain by clickin button "Manage zone"

Your DNS servers?

To made your domains serviced by our DNS servers in the panel of the registrator you need specify our DNS servers: and

How to add subdomain?

Для добавления субдомена нужно добавить новую А запись открыв окно управления зонами домена (кнопка “Управление зоной”).
В разделе “Добавить новую запись” нужно указать: Домен - test, Тип - А, Значение - ip сервера.
После добавления А записи на вебсервере нужно добавить соответствующий virtualhost для субдомена