Prices for IPv6 networks rent

IPv6 networks

IPv6/64 network


IPv6/48 network


IPv6/36 сеть для instagram (установка 2 999 рублей)

1 999Rub/mo

IPv6/32 сеть для instagram (установка 9 990 рублей)

5 000Rub/mo

Used IPv6/36 network (installation 1 500 rub)

1 000Rub/mo

Used IPv6/32 network (installation 5 000 rub)

2 000Rub/mo

Proxy setup

Basic IPv6 proxy setup*


Secondary IPv6 proxy setup


*Setup of IPv6 proxy based on ndppd+3proxy with proxy quantity set by customer

IPV6 network

Our virtual servers enabled to support IPv6 addresses. You may order network using our control panel. /64 subnet is free. For more information about configuring IPv6 networks you can read our blog.

How to enable IPv6?

Как подключить IPv6?

1Select desired server

2Go to tab "NETWORK"

3Select "IPv6 network" and desired subnet.

4Briefly describe the purposes for which you order the subnet and click Order

Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions
How quickly my server start working after filling out an order form?

It takes 5 to 20 minutes to create new server.

How to connect IPv6 to my server?

You can order IPv6 network for the server in the admin panel on tab "Network". Once network provided - it will appear in the panel. To connect network to the server, run commands on the server console:
/sbin/ip -6 addr add 2a08:14c0:100:200::2/64 dev eth0
/sbin/ip -6 route add default via 2a08:14c0:100:200::1
/sbin/ip -6 route add local 2a08:14c0:100:200::/64 dev lo

Which tariff i need for IPv6 network?

Any tariff and operating system fits network but we recommend implement network on Debian 8 server.